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The creator

Nicoletta Pizzicotti is an Italian dance teacher and artist who began her journey with dance at the age of 3 by training in ballet at Centro Studio della Danza under the direction of Roberta Camilletti. She discovered her passion for contemporary dance at Liceo Coreutico F. Filelfo in collaboration with the Academia of Roma. After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Dance Studies at the University of Malta, she pursued her interest in dance pedagogy with a Postgraduate Master's in Teaching and Learning in Dance education. She is currently a full-time teacher at the Academy of Dance Arts and co-founder of the dance project Lunatria. 


This website was created as a supporting tool for O'levels students who need to create choreographic pieces. The project aims to collect all the information required to learn as a base to create a choreography implementing interactivity. Moreover, the website provides a forum platform where students can share their tasks, works, and examples creating a community of students with the same interests.

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